Peter Dugan

Pottery Tour #9

Showing at  112 West Lynch Street with Liz Paley


I have often thought, why do I make pots?  Why am I so compelled to make these objects that begin as a lumps of clay?  I often work several hours every day, alone in the studio, thinking about nothing but making everyday objects into art.  Some folks say that pottery is a craft, not art. I disagree.  It's both an art form and a skill.  A skill can be learned, and as the skill progresses, it becomes more of a refinement process.  A beautiful mug, for example, takes years to perfect.  Form, weight, color, and the handle all must be in perfect balance to create a refined mug.  For me this is real, this has meaning, and it helps answer the question, why do I do this.
Lately, I have been firing in a soda atmosphere, creating beautiful surfaces to unglazed work.  Some areas on forms have glaze, and the soda influences how the glaze fluxes, creating luscious color only found in soda firings.  Another variable is the kiln itself.  Each firing can be very different from the last, unpredictable but magical.  As a result, each piece is unique and has a beauty unto itself.  This is why I make pots.  For me, this is why I live.