Kitty Sherwin



Pottery Tour #13


1108 Anderson St.

Durham, NC 27705


Fascinated by clay since high school, pottery and sculpture have woven their way in and out of my life.  In my basement studio, currently my work is inspired by nature and ethnic designs.  I use these designs to carve stamps out of clay to decorate some of the pieces. For my other style, I use cut-outs of various animals on a background of blue or black.  Animals include cats, birds, lemurs, penguins, horses, gazelles and others.
The result of 10 years in Africa can be seen in some of my designs as well as the beads that are incorporated on some pieces.
I also create small sculptures, usually of women and children that are clothed with very thin clay draped around them.
You are welcome to visit my studio, not only during the pottery tour but throughout the year should you need a special hand made gift.