Image Upload

All Core members and returning applicants must submit four(4) images: one for the Tour brochure, three for the website.  New applicants should submit these four images and an image of your studio or display space.    All images should be new (i.e. images that have not been used previously in the Tour brochure or Tour website).  

Image format: SQUARE : 1920 x 1920 pixels, less than 1.8 MB, high resolution jpeg format (300 ppx).  The brochure image should have a solid or graduated background, but all other images can be pots-in-action shots that show your work in a flattering way.  Label images lastname.description.use (i.e. Smith.FacetedTeapot.brochure,  Smith.BlueTeapot.web,

We reserve the right to exclude images from the brochure, website, and social media promotions if they do not meet the above criteria. If you need assistance creating images that meet these guidelines, please contact Liz Paley.

When your uploads are complete, press the "return" arrow on your browser to return to this page.