David Roswell

David Roswell Studios 


Pottery Tour #15

106 West Woodridge Drive

Durham, NC 27707




I make wheel-thrown and altered functional and decorative pottery. Using primarily local materials, I soda-fire my work to bring out the beauty of the clay itself.

The soda-firing process is very exciting! Once the pots are formed and glazed, I load them in propane-fired kiln, and begin the firing. When the temperature reaches about 2200 degrees, I use a heavy-duty garden sprayer to spray in a mixture of soda ash and water. For about an hour, I spray the mixture into several ports around the kiln, causing huge orange flames to shoot out of the kiln. The result is bright flashes of color and a range of textures, based on how the flame and the soda interacted with the pot. It is a sublime integration of intention and chance, a collaboration between maker, earth, water and fire.

I hope that my pots can help bring together community over food, drink, and joy. I value the pause that a handmade coffee mug, plate, or vase brings to one’s day; and I love sharing that with others.

Please join me in my home to see where the work is made, and to pick up a few pieces to share with friends and family.