Cynthia Aldrich


Cynthia Aldrich Pottery

Pottery Tour #18


28 Churchwell Ct.

Durham, NC 27713


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Directions: from the intersection of Hwy 54 and Hwy 751 go 1 mile east (towards Raleigh). Turn left at Highgate Dr. (brick walls say "Windermere in Woodcroft").  Take the first left onto Churchwell Ct.

I have been a functional potter for over 45 years.  I truly love making pots that people can use and enjoy every day: on the table, on the walls or holding flowers or plants.  High fired stoneware clay or porcelain is used to either throw the pots on the potter's wheel or to handbuild them.  I make all my own glazes and the pieces are fired in an electric kiln.  All the pieces are food safe and suitable for the oven, microwave or dishwasher.  I have made my "Blue Mum" design pottery for 40 years.  The flowers are painted with glaze before the pieces are fired and during the firing the glazes flow slightly creating an impressionistic effect.  My newer more contemporary, "Green Leaf" design pottery incorporates carving, stamping and texture.

I am also a ceramic sculptor.  My process has been about journey.  For 15 years I was immersed in the study of the prehistoric goddess and created many figurative sculptures inspired by these images.  Since then I have done an installation about women and their particular vulnerability in war, many pieces motivated by social and political issues of the time, a figurative series called "The Dancers", a series of  "Still Lifes" (or Lives) that hang on the wall, the "Aurora" series of brightly colored bottle forms and a series of handbuilt forms called "Spirit Bottles".