Cynthia Aldrich

Cynthia Aldrich Pottery

Pottery Tour #20


28 Churchwell Ct.

Durham, NC 27713


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Directions: from the intersection of Hwy 54 and Hwy 751 go 1 mile east (towards Raleigh). Turn left at Highgate Dr. (brick walls say "Windermere in Woodcroft").  Take the first left onto Churchwell Ct.

Cynthia Aldrich is a resident of Durham, NC and has been working with clay for over forty years. She has studied and had studios in New York, Michigan, Minnesota, and now North Carolina.  Her work encompasses two very different styles and approaches to clay.  She produces two lines of production pottery.  Both lines include pieces such as mugs, baking dishes, planters, pitchers, etc.  These pieces are wheelthrown or handbuilt, are  made of high fired stoneware clay, and feature either blue and cream glazes with flowing floral motifs or her more contemporary green leaf designs with textures, carving and stamping.  In contrast, Ms. Aldrich’s other ceramic work is sculptural referencing the female form. Her sculpture began with the Goddess form and has developed into a more contemporary style. To see all her work please visit the web site.


Cynthia will be selling all of the different types of pottery described above as well as some garden pieces.