Twenty potters and two clay teaching studios are participating in the 2018 Pottery Tour:


Cynthia Aldrich, Gaines Bailey, Deb Barnett, Peter Dugan, Tim Garvin, Lisa Gramann, Matt Hallyburton, Cynthia Bennett Harrell, Delores Hayes, Sarah Howe, Julie Jones, Katie King, Jo Lovvorn, Julie Olson, Liz Paley, Frumet Raskin-Miller, David Roswell, Jess Sandford, Kitty Sherwin, and Lynn Wilson.  

The two teaching facilities and their participants are: Claymakers (Nana Abreu) and The Durham Arts Council (DAC) Clay Studio (Amy Radach, Becca Hulett, Larry Downing, Mary Hutson, and Sarah Michaels).


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